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Motivation Drives Us to be Who We Are.

ARCUS Applied Artificial Intelligence GmbH was founded in 2021 in Berlin and Hamburg. Arcus AI is composed of the two business units Salesforce Consulting & Customer Analytics via LIVIΛ ΛI. We are service providers for data-driven customer management and process automation. We are passionate about Salesforce, highly motivated, constantly educate ourselves, find solutions for all challenges together as a team, are always approachable, and implement efficiently and straightforwardly, with transparent monitoring and a precise overview of the status and progress of the project.

Our Vision Takes Us Into Orbit.

We want companies to realize the full potential of Salesforce to achieve their visions and goals. Any company, regardless of size or industry, can leverage Salesforce technologies to engage customers, improve operations, and increase profitability. Arcus AI innovates, focuses on collaboration, and pioneers Salesforce services to make this vision a reality.

Our Mission for Your Success.

We strive to deliver innovative, reliable, and scalable solutions that align with our customers’ unique needs and visions. Through our commitment to excellence for our customer’s success, we aim to become a trusted partner and a leader in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Equality Statement

Diversity enables innovation.

As a company, we have a responsibility to sustainably drive this social change and build fair communities and opportunities. At Arcus AI, we see not only our customers as key to our success but also our employees in particular. We rely on a diverse team to make our company and our field of work open and inclusive. Trust, diversity, respect, and appreciation are especially important to us. For us at Arcus AI, it is essential that everyone can realize their own life plan and develop both professionally and personally. Our creative and precise solutions are based on our different perspectives and backgrounds, which we unite in our team. We show ourselves as we are, each in our own way. At Arcus AI, all applicants are welcome: regardless of ethnic or social origin, nationality, faith, belief, disability, age, marital status, partnership status, sexual orientation and identity, gender, work experience, and other legally protected grounds.

Our diversity motivates us every day to grow beyond ourselves, alone and together and drives us to develop the best solutions – for ourselves and our customers.

Meet the Crew

Damian Weber

Mission control

Tobias Hagge, Lead Consultant bei der Arcus AI GmbH

Tobias Hagge


Tosca Mumme, Marketing Managerin bei der Arcus AI GmbH

Tosca Mumme


Harika Yerubandi


Brice Njueya, Salesforce Consultant bei der Arcus AI GmbH

Brice Njueya


Salim Weigel

EXTERNAL Specialist

Become a star on your market!

Get an UpgrAIde to become the best version of your company. And yes, the first step is that easy: Get in contact! Because, .. “That´s one small step for you, but one giant leap for your business”.

Become a Star
on Your market!

Get an UpgrAIde to become the best version of your company. And yes, the first step is that easy: Get in contact! Because, .. “That´s one small step for your business, but one giant leap for your market”